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Client Stories


My house needed painting outside and gutters cleaned, and there’s a group of kids WHRM got to do it for me. They did a beautiful job. We prayed together. I didn’t have much I could afford to give them but what I could do was get bottled water for them.  That was my way of showing my appreciation to them. I turned on the air conditioning for them (I would have kept it off otherwise) so they could come in and cool off when they needed. What a blessing they were.”


WRHM has connected Joyce with a Catholic youth group in the past. Last summer she wanted to make sure others could benefit and did not sign up, but this year she suffered a fall. “Now I have a cane and I knew I could not keep up with my yard work.” (She has a beautiful rose garden and flowers out front). “I needed their help keeping up the yard and flowers. Ed signed me up for the Catholic group to help. They came and weeded and trimmed.”When Joyce’s husband passed away, there was a mistake with Social Security and her checks were not sent to her at first. “It was a nightmare to work out her finances,” according to her daughter Olivia. “They helped her dig out of a hole” with their financial counseling. Then they connected her to programs that help older homeowners sustain and weatherproof their home and helped to make her home safe for her to continue living there on her own. 


It’s hard for kids to start school without all the supplies they need, but those supplies are expensive. Webster Rock Hill Ministries has a back-to-school program. Kids in that program, and in their summer camp, participated. “They had a backpack giveaway, and it was awesome for these kids. It had everything a kid needed for school. Any kind of supplies, they had it. And these are nice backpacks, very sturdy.  “Webster Rock Hill Ministries is a great help.”